Welcome to the official website of model and actress Lisa Perry. Lisa was born in Brooklyn, New York and is the eldest of three children. For a number of years she has effortlessly established herself as a very successful model. While pursing each of her goals, she embraces the fashion world but not subject to it's stereotypes. It all began to take off as her career rose to prominence as she was signed exclusively to top management company Ford Models, a rare achievement of many. Embodying a subtle confidence within all her abilities, she then booked campaigns with Macy's, Gentle Treatment, worldwide hair ad's, and JCPenny just to name a few. Confident in all the areas she is passionate in, she continues to deliver an element of class, style and integrity. As a lover of life she is clearly not the average girl as she serves to effectively inspire, enrich and intrigue all in her path. When Lisa is not modeling she utilizes her abilities as a active humanitarian, philanthropist, and RN caring for others. As she subsequently emerges to new heights, presently she still finds time to pursue a Masters degree. Having fulfilled her chosen aspirations as well as accomplishing many achievements to date, the international beauty embodies and exhibits all that is rare in an ever changing industry and will be around for years to come.